Scam Web Sites!!!


 We are aware of increased scam site activity, where fraudulent third parties create copycat sites - distributing grey market product, copy products, or no products at all.

Please do not use these sites.


If you have made a purchase through a suspected fraudulent website, we recommend contacting your bank directly and requesting a chargeback (refund).


South African customers should always shop at verified and trusted retail stores and online shops. The following retailers are trusted partners of ours:


Cape Town:

Vivobarefoot CT , Shop 1 , 12 Cavendish Place , Claremont , Cape Town



If you spot a site or a wholesaler you are not sure of, please contact our customer service team and do not purchase from them until we can confirm if the vendor is legitimate.



1. Check the domain name is correct.
The URL should look like this:

2. Discounts too good to be true? Probably! We don't run sales year round, so heavy discounts across all styles are something to watch carefully for.

3. Scam websites often won't have any contact information, including customer service email or phone number.

4. Scam websites often won't have links to our social media account, or are linking to social media pages that are not authentic.

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