The stuff that brings you closer to nature and takes us closer to our regeneration goal; to be net positive for feet, people and planet.
We aim to put as little stuff as possible between your feet and the ground. Because we believe healthy feet are pretty close to perfection, what we put on them should be too. 
Join our regeneration journey: find out about the BIO, RECYCLED and NATURAL materials we use. We have a long way to go before we are a truly regenerative business – but this is our ultimate goal and we won’t settle until we get there.
BIO: WEAR MORE PLANTS From nature, plus science


From nature, plus science

BLOOM algae-based EVA foam is a super bendy and light-weight material that revitalizes and maintains healthy waterways.

  • Helps kick virgin plastics to the kerb.
  • Production removes harmful algae blooms caused by chemical run-offs, only worsened by the climate emergency.
  • Extraction process replenishes waterways with clean, fresh water, stimulating greater biodiversity.

What’s next?

We’re currently only able to use 5% algae but are working closely with BLOOM and others to achieve circularity.

RECYCLED: WEAR MORE RUBBISH From recycled plastics


From recycled plastics 

Until we have proper end-of-life solutions then even the most durable and repairable footwear will one day still be rubbish. For now, we want to re-use and re-purpose as much as possible. We are working with our chemical and mechanical recycling partners to eliminate virgin plastics with the simple goal of making planet positive footwear.
NATURAL: WEAR MORE NATURE From nature to go back to nature


From nature to go back to nature

Our ancestors were already treating and working leather seven thousand years ago. But today we fundamentally disagree with how the global industry operates; most leather is a by-product of highly industrialized, non-regenerative farming practices and we want no part in it.

This is why we use Wild Hide leather from small cattle herds that spend their whole lives roaming freely outside, reared by independent smallholder farmers.


Where is our Wild Hide leather from?

Our Wild Hide leather comes from two partners: Pittards in Ethiopia, who meet European environmental practice standards; and Interhides Plc. in Thailand.


What’s next?

We are working with our tanning partners to eliminate the need for chemical additives and achieve a 100% natural tanning process for footwear.

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