We believe that saying ‘no, thank you’ to discounting is fairest for everyone, and that includes you!


Because someone, somewhere always has to pay for that discounted pair of shoes.

We believe charging a fair, stable price for our footwear means…

✓ We can do things properly:

(And it’s thanks to doing things properly we’re now B Corp (TM) certified – the world’s leading certification for businesses balancing purpose with profit.)

✓It’s better for you!

We never offer anything to new customers that we don’t offer to our most loyal ones.

We couldn’t do what we do without your support and patience and we promise to always treat you fairly. 

  • That’s why we do offer a 100 day free trial for people trying barefoot footwear for the first time.
  • That’s why we’ve developed ReVivo – a great way to keep our footwear off landfill longer while providing a new way to purchase quality footwear at a lower price.
  • That’s why when we put profits back into our Live Barefoot Foundation, our in-house incubation hub for social and environmental initiatives.

 ✓ We are all about growing carefully…

We are thrilled more and more people are joining our Barefoot Revolution, but we don’t want to let this get to our head!

  • So we don’t over-order. This means we do run out of popular lines fast. We try to balance this by making sure our loyal customers find out about new arrivals first through our mailout – make sure you’re signed up!
  • We are not a corporation but a family-run business, and now we are also BCorp certified. This means our business meets the highest verifiable standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.
  • Our mission is to reconnect people and the planet through footwear and experiences that are regenerative to human movement and planetary health – will you join us?!

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