Nature Calls

Why is it that we find ourselves drawn into the wild, heading the call of Mother Nature, being drawn onto the mountains? For me it is the spectacle of life and diversity of flora that we find in the Cape Fold Mountains as well as engaging with my environment.
On one particular hike on Table Mountain recently, my mission was more focussed than the usual rambling about and checking out the scenery. I ascended upwards, into the clouds on the hunt for the Red Disa, a stunning but endangered orchid found on Table Mountain. It was a cool, cloudy day with a light breeze. I was one with my surroundings. I could feel the wind in my hair, the chill on my skin, and more importantly, the ground beneath my feet. Walking up the sand stone slopes of the back table, in and out of streams, rock hopping and bundu bashing, I was at ease and comfortable in this stunning environment. Although finding the Red Disa’s was my mission, merely being one with nature was enough to make the hike worthwhile.
When we are out in nature we try and take it all in and enjoy what the natural world has to offer, but often we do this with restrained sensory feedback. Most people will remark about the views or flowers they saw, possibly about the cool winds they felt as they reached a summit, even the sound of an unfamiliar bird call heard in the distance. What we don’t do is take into consideration the only part of our body that is actually in contact with the ground. As a hiking guide and Vivobarefoot enthusiast, I realised that many of us are missing out on a large component on being in the mountains, and that is being earthed.
What I am getting at is that while our goal can be discovering the “Red Disa”, we must not forget to enjoy the journey, become detached or blind ourselves from what nature is sharing with us along the way.  A natural movement shoe is the next step in being at one with your world, and helping you realise all that you have been missing out on.