The Nirvana of Trail Shoes

Description : Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG II
Aka : The Green Mamba
Trail Conditions : Wet Slippery Muddy surfaces or trails with lots of water (Think Otter Trail) , SwimRun , Technical Hiking Trails
● (Re)new and improved Recycled PET- remade with more sustainable materials that have reduced the impact this footwear has on the planet.
● Speed lacing system for fast lacing and adjustment to get you out on the trails quickly


Sole Info:


Base 3mm - Lug 5mm V Shape 


Recycled Tough Rubber


Vegan Range :Yes


I have run every Trail shoe Vivobarefoot ever produced as far back as the Original Neo Trail and to date my preference would have been somewhere between the Old Breatho Trail and the Primus Trail SG .Enter Primus Trail SG II the (Re)Newed super sleek bad boy. I managed to squeeze 1800km out my last pair of SG's so this wait was a loooong one but well worth it. It's a pretty good looking shoe with the new toe box giving it a flatter wider look but the upper is pure class with the standard conventional lacing structure much like the FG II. The modification on the upper allows a more versatile fit for those with high arches who struggled to get into the old model and the feel is unrestricted with superb ankle freedom. The upper material has also had the (Re)Newed work-over and feels more durable but also more flexible. Turn this baby over and you start to see some pretty nifty stuff. The 5mm V Lugs spaced to ensure no mud can stop the grip are from some "superhuman rubber" which sticks to everything and the recycled content is emphasized by some artistic color flex making it look like a work of art. The shoe feels lighter , more responsive and superbly balanced especially in really technical terrain. You'll be able to push harder and faster in these even on solid rocky stuff and every step is going to make you smile more.
To think this style was almost left out is crazy because what we have here is simply the best balanced trail shoe Vivobarefoot have ever produced. If you want to feel how much fun a trail should be and you want to put the E back in EPIC then these will make you smile from the time you hit the trail until long after the adventure ends.
Style , its super slick. Lightweight , Breathable ,Quick Dying , Superbly Balanced and with 4 x 4 grip.
I only have 1 pair
Vivobarefoot Trail Shoe