What is the Magna Trail and where does it fit in? Looking at this interesting shoe/boot, you may be asking yourself such a question and why wouldn’t you, because at first glance its purpose is not entirely obvious.


It is what we call a mid-boot in the hiking world, not as low cut as a shoe and not too high and overly structured like a full boot. Believe it or not, it is one serious piece of hiking equipment, but is still smart enough to wear casually and not look like an Everest base camp poser. Its foundation is the tried, tested and trusted tri-hex firm ground sole finished off with a recycled upper and Merino collar (ladies) or the leather upper with Merino wool collar (men’s). Both the ladies and men’s variants offer rugged durability with subtle non-bulky boot styling.

Having been asked a few times regarding the toughness and durability of the Merino wool upper and not seeing any global reviews, we took it upon ourselves to put the shoe through it paces. The Merino collar allows for great ankle movement and flexibility, keeps out a lot of bits and bobs like sand, sticks and stones, all the while being supper tough and hard wearing.


So where does the Magna fit in? Well, we found it slides right in the middle between the Primus Trail and the Tracker range. It is also a piece of equipment that is just as much at home on the mountain as it is on the city streets.