A Vivo "Shoe" To Boot

I have always been pro shoe over boot when it comes to my hiking activities. My weapon of choice on the trails has always been the tried and tested Primus Trail II Firm Ground. They allow for my feet to be free, as well as the ankles. However during a wet and cold spell here in the Cape, I was sure happy to be in a boot for a change.
The boot of which I speak is the Tracker II. It was after some heavy rains and a light dusting of snow that I decided to head up the back end of Table Mountain. My route of choice on  the day being a Nursery ravine accent and I would descend down Skeleton Gorge. On this particular day, my trust old Primus Trails would just not cut it. With the heavy rains, Skeleton Gorge was flowing a fair amount more than usual, meaning the waterproofing and higher collar on the Tracker did a fine job at keeping my feet dry while rock hoping through the gorge. Sharing the same sole as the Primus Trail, grip was what I expected it to be, great for a mix of conditions, both in the dry and wet, as well as providing me with the ground feedback that I love in an Firm Ground sole. With a nip in the air, the thermal insole and additional insulation in the upper, the Tracker kept my feet warm. No cold and numb toes for me today!
All round the Tracker is an amazing boot. Waterproof, warm, lightweight and super flexible, it is the perfect companion on any winters hike, be it a quick morning ramble up Table Mountain, or a multi-day hike through Gamkaskloof. If you like a little more flexibility around the ankle, you can always lace it a little lower, and to cool it down in the summer the thermal insole can be swapped out with the performance version.
With winter upon us the Tracker II is a no brainer to allow foot freedom, all the while protecting the foot from the cold and wet conditions that our crazy Southern African environment can throw at us. I did also forget to mention that they are one sick looking boot.
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