Summer to Autumn 2024


Coach : Justin Bergemann


Cost : R180/session or R800 /5 sessions


Move like a Human sessions:

Learn to move in the many ways a human can. These ‘Move like a Human’ sessions cover a broad variety of movement skills and conditioning, with influences primarily rooted in Parkour and Natural Movement Training.
Pulling from (my) experience as a Parkour & Natural Movement coach, martial arts, surfing, trail running/OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), Strength coaching and more, we cover skills ranging from detailed and practical; breathework, crawl techniques, hanging & climbing, balance & traversal, jumping & vaulting, lifting & carrying, to the deeper concepts; mental fortitude, vision, courage, creativity, all with a strong emphasis on connecting to nature and those around us.
Accessible to all levels of ability and fitness. Join in to learn how to move better, connect to others, yourself and importantly, the environment.

Base info:
Wednesdays 5.45pm, Greenpoint Park (+- 60min)

Learn skills and strength to move in outdoor environments. These sessions offer exploration and investigation into movement, with more focus on fundamental development in a more simple space. We work on building a variety of skills ranging from concepts like creativity & improvisation to more detailed and practical things like mobility, core strength and coordination.

Expect to learn how to move yourself better, move with other humans and of course, with the environment.
We’ll crawl, balance, hang, climb, push, pull, twist, jump, strike, throw and much more, with a strong focus/emphasis on mind-body connection, play and good effort.

Saturdays 7.30pm, Newlands Forest (+-90min)

Containing the threads of natural movement skills e.g. crawling, climbing, vaulting, jumping etc, these sessions offer more immersion in a natural setting.
We practice route traversal, practical static and dynamic skills, connection to the environment, mental skills and much more. A powerful way to connect with nature, move with others, discover your humanity. A powerful way to experience what you are capable of, and utilise all the skills we build in the ‘Move like a Human sessions’.

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